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Записи с темой: airfix (список заголовков)

Lavochkin La-9

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Kit: Lavochkin La-9 Scale: 1:72 Kit type: Injection moulded Decal options: (three) Soviet Union, North Korea, Peoples’ Republic of China UK price:

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North american f-86

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First into The In Tray this month is a trio of re-releases from Airfix, all to 1:72 scale. The North American F-86F Sabre is a re-issue of the Heller kit and comes with decals for Major John Glenn’s 25th FIS, 51st FIW F-86F-30-NA MIG MADcomponents for unspatted landing gear. Decals are included for three Hs [...]

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Canberra airfix

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This kit is moulded in dark blue plastic and comprises of some 34 parts, plus a clear acetate canopy. This latter part is duplicated, just in case of mistakes in trimming. Cockpit detail consists of a floor tray, ejection seat, instrument panel and control column. Surface detail is not too intrusive. In this scale panel [...]

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Aerospatiale Dauphin olympique 2

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Above: Dauphin 2 No. 246 of the Irish Air Corps, showing the overall light grey fuselage, with medium blue stripes as demarcation lines between the white upper section of the engine compartment, and the bright red undersides of the helicopter. The extreme top of the engine compartment, endplate fins, fin tip and bottom of the [...]

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Hurricane mk 1

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Merchant Ship Fighter Unit Sea Hurricane Mk IA V7504 One of the more unusual applications of airpower at sea was the use of ‘throw away’ Hurricanes to protect merchant shipping as the vessels crossed the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricane’s fuel was exhausted, the aircraft either had to be abandoned or ditched; ahead of the convoy if [...]

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